Velcro Company asks ‘Don’t say Velcro’

The Velcro Company is finding itself in a sticky situation.

The Associated Press reports the company released a music video asking people to not say “Velcro.”

The video has singers portraying lawyers asking the public to call similar fastening products, “hook and loop.”

The group sings: “We’re asking you not to say a name we took 60-plus years to build, but if you keep calling these Velcro shoes, our trademark will get killed.”

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Fraser Cameron, the Velcro CEO, said the video on the company’s website and YouTube has been viewed over 4 million times, the AP report said.

“There’s a difference between Velcro-brand products and others in the marketplace,” Cameron said in the AP report. “There’s only one Velcro brand. Everything else is just hook and loop.”

George de Mestral invented the product in the 1940s and named it Velcro. The name combined “velour” and “crochet,” the French words for velvet and hook, the AP report said.

Velcro’s patent expired in 1978, allowing others to make a similar product.