Vegans, rejoice! Yelp will now let you personalize your search

Yelp is launching a new personalization function that allows users to tailor the app to each person’s individual lifestyle and preferences.

So, that means if you’re vegan and only look for vegan restaurants, you don’t need to set that search preference every time you open the app; once you set up your preferences, the app will tailor results specifically for you.

In a world where fad diets are popping up with increasing regularity, that means Yelp will be able to help you maintain it by personalizing your results. Yelp will now help users to more easily discover restaurants that have options suitable for them. So, whether you’re a vegetarian or only eat kosher food, Yelp will help you identify which restaurants cater to your needs.

There are more than 30 food and drink categories to choose from, which will allow the app to better recommend the right cuisine for you.

Parents and pet owners will also get personalized shortcuts to filters so they can better plan their next outing.

However, it’s not just about restaurants and bars. You can now add interests and get recommendations for things such as date night destinations, kids activities, hikes and more. And if you require wheelchair accessibility or a gender neutral bathroom, Yelp will be able to help you better identify businesses that offer that type of accessibility.

“As Yelp turns 15 this year, we’re embarking on one of our most significant product updates with the introduction of a new personalized experience,” said Vivek Patel, Yelp’s chief product officer. “Yelp has always been a helpful discovery platform that surfaces great local businesses based on your search. By making it more personalized, we’re saving people time and giving them an easy way to find the right business for them. Now, Yelp will help you discover businesses and activities based on who you are and what you like to do.”