U of I students return to campus confident in school security measures

MOSCOW, Idaho — For nearly two months, the murders of four University of Idaho students put a strain on many students on campus.

With a suspect now in custody, the campus is filled with hope and the feeling of a fresh start as some students moved back into their rooms for the spring semester Sunday afternoon.

Some students say Bryan Kohberger’s arrest makes them feel relieved, saying they are confident with the police investigation and feel much safer being back on campus.

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Sunday was a quiet and peaceful move-in day at U of I’s campus. Many students and parents were busy unloading belongings from their cars.

“It’s a shock that somebody can do something like that,” Ryder Paslay, a sophomore at the University of Idaho, said. “He did live 20 minutes away.”

Paslay says hearing the news about Kohberger’s arrest was a huge relief for him and his family.

“When I heard the news, I was sitting around the living room with my family, watching the report about it,” Paslay said. “We all looked [at] each other [and thought] ‘well, they got somebody who they think it is,’ and I breathed [a] sigh of relief and I’m pretty sure my mom did the same thing.”

He says many of his classmates came back to campus this semester.

“It definitely seems like a different place,” Shua Mulder, another sophomore at the University of Idaho, said.

Mulder says safety remains a top priority for him this year.

“I’m hanging out with more people, definitely stay in groups,” Mulder said.

As the Moscow murders investigation continues, students and parents say they trust school security measures for students.

“Walking around this morning… my dogs with me… there’s security at a lot of places, so I feel comfortable just walking around here,” Shua’s mom, Jill, said.

“I’m pretty sure that the university will not try to endanger students,” Paslay said. “I’m pretty sure that the police are looking out for us at least in this case the best they can. I’m pretty sure everybody is doing their best to be able to keep us safe.”

Spring classes are set to begin Wednesday.

“[It’s] more like there’s resolution to this,” Paslay said. “We get an end to the whole story.”

Detectives are still asking for anyone with information to provide it to them. You can provide information to their tip line at 208-883-7180. You can also email them at tipline@ci.moscow.id.us or send digital media to fbi.gov/moscowidaho.

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