U.N. Forces Guard Kosovo-Serbia Border

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Kosovo (AP) — Thousands of Serbs continue to protest Kosovo’s independence, as NATO peacekeepers have closed off roads between Serbia and northern Kosovo.

For three days, Kosovo’s Serbs have shown their anger over Sunday’s declaration of independence by the ethnic Albanian leadership by destroying U.N. and NATO property, setting off small bombs and staging noisy rallies.

Chanting “We won’t give up Kosovo,” some 3,000 demonstrators marched to a bridge diving the two communities. U.N. policemen have sealed off the bridge.

A Kosovo Serb leader is demanding that the crossings reopen, or he says the Serbs will continue with the protests. And he says he can’t predict the consequences.

Kosovo’s Serbs say bread, milk and other basics did not arrive from Serbia Wednesday because of the border blockade.