Two people facing murder charges in death of woman found in road

body found in road
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MEAD, Wash. — Two people have been arrested after a woman’s naked body was discovered on Farwell Road in Mead earlier this week.

According to court documents, Grace Wiggins’ body was found by EMTs with her head covered in a plastic bag.

Investigating deputies were able to identify two suspects, 23-year-old Journey N. O’Donnal and 27-year-old Robert F. Mead, through their car.

According to court documents, Wiggins was last seen alive in the car at the Franklin Park Shopping Center. She reportedly got into Mead’s black honda and was taken to O’Donnal’s apartment.

O’Donnal told investigators she woke up that night to find Mead pacing. Mead reportedly told her Wiggins died of a heroin overdose in their shower, though court records show the Medical Examiner ruled Wiggins died by strangulation.

O’Donnal told deputies she was afraid to call police because she was scared her landlord would find out Mead was living with her and would kick her off her lease.

According to court records, O’Donnal agreed to help Mead discard Wiggins’ body. She said she helped Mead load the body into a car, dump it along the highway and then dispose of Wiggins’ items in dumpsters. Court records show O’Donnal and Mead also sold Wiggins’ cell phone to a kiosk at the NorthTown Mall.

Both O’Donnal and Mead have been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree robbery.

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