Trump tells House GOP to be more ‘paranoid’ about vote counts

President Donald Trump — who has previously issued baseless claims about ballot-counting and voter fraud — warned House Republicans on Tuesday night to be “more paranoid” about vote tallies.

Shortly after taking the stage at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s spring dinner, Trump said, “We’ve got to watch those vote tallies,” and implied, without citing a specific example, that close races had been wrongly decided for Democrats.

“I don’t like the way the votes are being tallied,” Trump said. “I don’t like it, and you don’t like it either. You just don’t want to say it because you’re afraid of the press. You’re afraid of the press.”

While Trump’s references on Tuesday night were not specific, he claimed corruption and fraud last year in Florida and Arizona elections, where close races took considerable time to resolve. His claims at the time were debunked, and in Florida, GOP Sen. Rick Scott ultimately unseated the incumbent Democrat.

Trump’s call for fellow Republicans to join him in paranoia about vote counts likewise echoed his debunked claims about widespread voter fraud in the US. He claimed multiple times after the 2016 election that millions of illegal votes in California had cost him the popular vote and that voters were bused into New Hampshire from Massachusetts.

As President, Trump has continued to claim that there is widespread voter fraud. He established a commission on the issue, only to dissolve it amid repeated controversy.