Trump on Hawaii false missile alert: ‘They made a mistake’

President Donald Trump made his first comments about the false ballistic missile alert sent out by Hawaiian authorities, more than a day after the mistaken alert sent residents into a panic.

“They made a mistake,” he said Sunday, commending authorities for taking responsibility for what happened, which was blamed on an emergency worker hitting the wrong template during a drill.

“Well, that was a state thing, but we’re going to now get involved with them. I love that they took responsibility, they took total responsibility, but we’re going to get involved,” he said. “Their attitude and what they want to do, I think it’s terrific. They took responsibility, they made a mistake.”

Asked what will be done to make sure that doesn’t happen again, Trump said: “Well, we hope it won’t happen again, but part of it is that people are on edge, and maybe eventually we’ll solve the problem and they won’t have to be so on edge.”