Trump: Not concerned with contents of Cohen’s hard drive

President Donald Trump says he is not concerned with the contents of Michael Cohen’s hard drive, as his former fixer attempts to enlist congressional help to delay his prison term.

“No. They’ve already got it. He’s old news,” Trump told CNN’s Joe Johns at the White House Friday morning.

“He lied numerous times during his last testimony,” Trump added. “They’ve had that for many months.”

Cohen’s attorneys Lanny Davis and Michael Monico told key Democrats in a letter Thursday that Cohen has discovered substantial files on a hard drive that might be helpful to investigators.

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Cohen is asking for additional time and congressional help to persuade federal prosecutors to allow him to postpone reporting to jail in order to review the files. Cohen’s lawyers wrote in the letter, obtained by CNN, that they hoped he would receive a reduced term, and that the May 6 date he is scheduled to report to prison “will be substantially postponed while he is fully cooperating with prosecutors and Congress.”