Truck Falls On I-90 Causing Lane Closure

SPOKANE — A scary scene on I-90 Monday morning as a pick-up truck topples onto I-90 at the Freya street exit.

The crash occurred above I-90 at 3rd and Freya when a driver blew through a red light around 5:30 Monday morning. The car traveling north-bound on Freya hit two trucks traveling east-bound on 3rd. The vehicle hit a produce truck and a smaller pick-up near the Freya overpass.

The pick-up truck flew though the guard fence and down a 30 foot embankment onto the freeway.

The truck landed upside down on I-90 closing two lanes. The pick-up truck did not hit any cars traveling on I-90. Washington State Patrol troopers say it’s fortunate the incident happened during the early morning hours when traffic was light.

Two lanes of I-90 were closed for an hour while crews cleared the crash.

One man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The driver has been cited for failure to yield a red light.