Tree falls on car in Sunday evening windstorm

SPOKANE, Wash. — Thousands were left without power after Sunday evening’s windstorm ripped through the region. One man in Northwest Spokane narrowly escaped damage in January but didn’t have that same luck this time around.

Terry Mellon’s home made it through the January windstorm unscathed. This time around, things were different for Mellon. He was sitting inside his home when he heard some cracking- then a “boom”. Turns out, the tree in his neighbor’s yard snapped off and fell into his own backyard, directly on top of his pickup truck.

Mellon took a look at the damage and said he had some dents on his hood, and his side mirrors are damaged. He’s just grateful the branches didn’t go through the windshield.

Back in January, a tree fell into his front yard, but that was the only damage he faced. On Sunday, he lost some power, and his truck ended up trapped under a tree. At this point, that’s not a foreign sight here in the Inland Northwest.

Mellon said, “It is what it is and you just deal with it. it is kind of like, you never know, you just never know.” He didn’t know when exactly his power would return, but he says he’ll take it upon himself to clean up the mess in the morning.

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