Travelers Ship Luggage To Avoid Airline Fees

SPOKANE — It used to be that the cost of an airline ticket covered everything: the food, the drinks and even the bags. Now more and more airlines are charging for checked luggage.

United Airlines has announced it is going to charge $15 for the first bag checked and delta has hiked its fee to $50 for a second checked bag, which has people looking for alternatives. They are turning to shipping.

At a Spokane UPS store business is up because travelers are packing ahead of time. The increased luggage fees aren’t flying with Delores Biggs.

“That $25 for your second suitcase, or first suitcase, that is just ridiculous, I’d rather walk,” said Biggs. 

Nancy Hernetiaux, who works at the South Hill UPS store in Spokane, says a lot more customers are bringing their luggage because they are over 50 pounds and they don’t want to pay the high cost.

“It’s up at least 25%,” said Hernetiaux.

The savings are noticeable. For example, if you ship your luggage Monday in a box weighing 50 pounds it would cost you $34.99. That’s cheaper than the $50 it would cost you to fly with a second bag on Delta.

Here’s a brief overview of luggage fees:

Alaska Air charges $25 for a second bag, so does United.

Northwest charges $15 for a first bag and $25 for a second.

Delta charges $50 for a second.

Southwest doesn’t charge until the third bag and for that they charge $25.