Travelers at the Spokane International Airport battle delays ahead of Christmas

SPOKANE, Wash.–Thursday is one of the busiest air travel days of the year, and people at the Spokane International Airport are already dealing with delays and cancellations.

According to flight aware, twenty-three flights have already been delayed today, with five being canceled.

Frustrated and tired travelers say they’ve dealt with delay after delay, either trying to make it to Spokane, or trying to get out.

“I’m not gonna wait anymore,” said Chris Holt, whose flight out of Spokane was delayed multiple times. Now, he says he’s given up.

“I’ve been here since 5, we boarded at 7, we went on the tarmac, go brought back in because the plane froze, and we’ve been sitting here since,” Holt said.

Holt is one of the many people, trying to figure out what to do next. He’s trying to get to Seattle, to visit family, but says even without a flight, he worries about the roads.

“The pass is not good either so I’ll figure it out later on,” he said.

Poor weather is causing airports across the state and region to delay, and even cancel flights ahead of Christmas.

Luke Mayes, a travel nurse from Boise said he’s trying to get home, after trying to go through Wenatchee, and dealing with too many delays, he’s giving Spokane a try, in an effort to get home.

“I ended up driving to Spokane so I could catch a flight directly home to Boise instead of going through Seattle and dealing with delays,” Mayes said.

“Eventually I’m gonna be home, if I have to I can drive, it’s not that far. The roads have been pretty decent from Wenatchee to here, haven’t seen any slide-offs or issues on the roadways, just hopeful and glad that this flight wasn’t canceled and I get home,” Mayes added.

Mayes who constantly travels for work, says he’s seen how hectic the Seattle airport is, having just been there Monday.

“A lot of full flights right now, are really full,”

Now he and so many others are just trying to make it home in time for the holidays.

If you plan on flying out of the Spokane Airport or any airport in the region, keep track of FlightAware and your airport’s website for the latest on delays and cancellations.