Trash along highway inspires #TrashTag Challenge: I-90 Edition

Trash along highway inspires  #TrashTag Challenge: I-90 Edition

The snow has melted and in North Idaho it revealed a not so pretty sight. Garbage all over the shoulders of I-90. Now, it’s time for a different kind of road work to begin.

Volunteer Shantel Nickerson exclaimed, “it’s horrible, it’s so ugly, I hate it!”

This past week, instead of admiring the beautiful scenery on her way to work, Nickerson is looking at other people’s garbage.

She added, “Idaho is beautiful, man. Why do we have so much trash everywhere?”

Fed up, she was going to take matters in to her own hands.

“Literally the day before we were going to go out, just start doing it ourselves and wait to get yelled at, just pick up trash till we got yelled at, my friend Whitney was scrolling on Facebook and found a post,” explained Nickerson.

Hosanna Schumacher and her friend Kenna Smoot were on it. Inspired by the #TrashTag movement that’s seen people all over the world post photos of their clean-up efforts, they decided to to their own #TrashTag challenge, with a competitive twist!

“River City vs. Lake City and my team is going to win,” said organizer of #TrashTag Challenge: I-90 edition.

Whichever team collects the most garbage bags is the winner. In Post Falls, Team River City volunteers like Nickerson had their work cut out for them.

She explained, “we’ve only parked, what? A football field away and we’ve already got 3 filled bags!”

Kenna’s team in Coeur d’Alene turned the challenge in to a game of who could find the craziest pieces of trash.

“I know we found a photo of a man on a golf course, we found at least a couple debit cards and a piece of someones social security card,” shared Team Lake City volunteer Jessica Mahuron.

The whole time volunteers were asked to post photos to social media in hopes of getting others to join and do the same.

Schumacher added, “I mean, what happened to the owl that said ‘give a hoot don’t pollute? We want to spread the word, take it to the trash, recycle please.”

The #TrashTag Challenge: I-90 edition was only supposed to last a day, but as more volunteers joined, they decided to extend it!

Now between now and Earthday, join the #inwtrashtag challenge.

All #INWTrashTag who tag #rivercity or #lakecity this weekend will be tallied for the total trash bags picked up by that team. Challenge your neighbors by tagging them in a post to this event and this message “You’ve been #TrashTag ‘d.

Please post your before and after pictures to here with either #lakecity or #rivercity.

This clean-up effort was done in conjunction with Adopt-a-Highway, for more information on the program, call Robin Karsann. 208-772-8011.

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