Top vacation destinations for seniors

Top vacation destinations for seniors
Jenny W./SXC

One great way for seniors to enjoy their retirement is by traveling. Take a look at some top vacation destinations for seniors.

Go cruising: Going on a cruise is a fun and convenient way to travel. Seniors can relax on the ship, dine, exercise and enjoy the pool and other activities. It’s also a great way to see several destinations on one trip. Popular cruising destinations include the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe. In Europe, travelers can also enjoy river cruises that take passengers to numerous European cities. Cruises are great solutions for both active and less mobile adults.

Walt Disney World: While Disney World might seem like an odd destination for seniors, it makes a great family getaway. If you want to take a trip with your kids and grandchildren, Disney can be the perfect solution. The theme parks will entertain the youngsters and there are resorts with golf courses, shopping and fine dining. There are also plenty of transportation options around the area.

Retrace your roots: Heading to Europe to see where your family originated from can be a great, memorable trip. It’s also a great opportunity to take in some historical sites and spend time touring various countries.

Hawaii: Hawaii is a destination that’s on a lot of seniors’ travel wish lists. It can provide the perfect location for a second honeymoon. It also has numerous golf courses and beaches for relaxation.

Go on a service trip: For those looking to give back, going on a service trip can be the perfect opportunity. Organizations and churches often offer service trips to locations like Haiti to bring supplies, work in orphanages and help rebuild homes and other buildings. There are also service trips to locations like China where volunteers are needed to teach English. There are also local trips in the United States through organizations like Habitat for Humanity where volunteers are needed to build homes.

New York: New York is a great city for seniors. With convenient public transportation visitors are able to easily navigate the city and reduce the need for a lot of walking. New York can be a great weekend getaway to see a Broadway show, have a nice dinner and do some shopping, as well as see the other sites.

Go South: The southern states can provide a beautiful, relaxing vacation. Seniors can take advantage of golf resorts, beaches and numerous historical sites.