Toddler severely abused, alleged abuser out of jail

Toddler severely abused, alleged abuser out of jail

Spokane police have arrested a man for allegedly abusing a 2-year-old girl so badly she may have been thrown out of a moving car.

Doctors say Jayonna Walker was the victim of severe physical abuse on a number of occasions. She currently has three different casts on her arms and leg.

This terrible incident got its start when the child’s biological mother, her new boyfriend, and two children were getting ready to watch a movie in their motel room.

The boyfriend, Cedric Burton, offered to take the victim for a quick drive to get some candy. When they came back, the child’s leg was broken.

“About October 29 it was, she was attacked by her mother’s boyfriend,” said Andrew Walker, Jayonna’s biological father.

Jayonna’s mom took the 2-year-old to the hospital where x-rays found multiple injuries.

“I later found out she had four broken bones,” said Andrew. “Two wrists, a femur, and the leg.”

Doctors at Providence Sacred Heart then discovered a long list of child abuse indicators. Jayonna had been punched, kicked, and manhandled.

Police arrested Burton on child assault charges.

Jayonna is recovering, but her biological dad is struggling to pay the bills and care for her at the same time.

“I had to start a GoFundMe page to help with what’s going on,” said Andrew. “I’m not really the type to ask for help, but with me not being able to work anymore, because my daughter’s 100 percent hands on. I have to re-teach her to walk, I got to re-potty train her, I had to teach her how to feed herself again, so just a little help.”

Prosecutors had asked for a $250,000 bond to keep Burton in jail. That amount was slashed to $25,000. Someone posted that bond, and now Burton has been released back into our community.