Tire lands in windshield, injures 2 on I-90 during morning commute

During the Friday morning commute, a driver heading westbound along I-90 lost the front-wheel tire of his car. While he was able to get to safety unharmed, that tire then bounced over the center barrier, striking a pick-up truck in the windshield.

Originally, first responders had an extrication team and life flight on standby. Luckily, they were able to open the doors and pull them out.

The pick-up truck driver suffered a head injury and he and his passenger were brought to Kootenai Health for treatment.

While we don’t know yet what caused this crash, Idaho State Police say this serves as a great reminder for drivers to check their tires after this winter tire season has come to an end.

“Double check your equipment, make sure your tires are torqued properly; not too tight that breaks something but not too loose that lug nuts are falling off; just make sure everything is done properly to your vehicle so it’s safe to go on the road,” Corporal Andy Hodl said.

He added that while this crash happened during rush hour, no other vehicles were in the immediate area at the time.