Tips for decorating chairs at your wedding

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The chairs might be overlooked at your wedding, but you can make a statement with how you decorate them.

Sashes: Putting sashes that match your wedding colors on chairs during the ceremony can add a subtle, elegant touch.

Ribbons: Ribbons can add a decorative touch to the chairs. You can have them flow from the backs of the chairs or tie them in a bow.

Themes: If you’re having a themed wedding, carry the theme onto the chairs. For example, if it’s a destination wedding, put items that represent the location (sea shells, tropical flowers) within the sashes or ribbons on the chairs.

Photos: During the wedding ceremony, consider putting images of the bride and groom on the chairs lining the aisle. They can go chronologically, so as the bride walks down the aisle she ages from a baby into her current age.

Colorful seats: Instead of adding covers over the chairs, consider adding colorful seat cushions in your wedding colors. These will make a colorful statement.

Sheer chair covers: Instead of a heavy linen, consider covering the chairs with a sheer material.

Flowers: Attach flowers (either a small bouquet or a large statement flower) to the backs of chairs.

Skirt: If you don’t want to cover the entire chair, consider adding a skirt that makes a statement – such as a sheer, ruffled skirt.

Sequins: If you’re looking to make a statement, consider covering the chairs in a sequined material.