Tips for choosing a groom’s cake

Tips for choosing a groom’s cake

Traditionally, the groom’s cake is a gift to the groom from the bride that is supposed to demonstrate his interests. While some people slice the cake up during the reception and it’s eaten by guests on the spot, some choose to box slices of cake up and send them home with guests.

Take a look at some ideas that can help you select the perfect groom’s cake.

Sports-themed: A popular groom’s cake is to display the groom’s favorite sports team. Some cakes are in the shape of jerseys, stadiums or sports equipment like a basketball or football.

Games: If the groom is really into video games, cakes can be made to depict his favorite game, his console or a character from the game. If the groom is into gambling, cakes can be made to look like a blackjack table, cards or poker chips.

Occupation: The groom’s occupation can also be the theme on his cake. For example, if he’s a policeman the cake can be designed to look like a badge, or a police car, or his hat.

Food: If the groom has a favorite food, like a hamburger, or tacos or pizza, the groom’s cake can be made to look like the entree.

Cars: If the groom collects cars or has a favorite model of car, a groom’s cake can be made to replicate the auto.

Hobbies or travel: Make the groom’s hobbies or his favorite travels the subject of the groom’s cake. It can also reflect the location the couple is going to on their honeymoon.