Three Spokane girls steal car, go on crime spree across Washington, police say

police lights

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Three juvenile girls from Spokane have been taken into custody after an alleged statewide crime spree.

The reported stolen car from SpokaneAccording to the Bellevue Police Department, the trio carjacked a maroon-colored sedan in Spokane on Friday and drove to Seattle. They were accused of theft, robbery, assault, and hit-and-run during their day in Seattle, before driving to Bellevue on Sunday.

At around 11:20 a.m., they reportedly needed gas money, so they robbed a woman in a parking lot, knocked her down and ran over her arm, according to Police.

The trio then bought gas and stopped to get their nails done at a salon, using the woman’s stolen credit card.

Bellevue Police were able to track them down, taking them into custody while one of the girls was still getting her nails manicured.

“This is an example of outstanding police work. These criminals ran rampant across the state until arriving in Bellevue, where they were greeted by our officers and taken into custody. I’m proud of the men and women of the Bellevue Police Department for their exemplary work,” said Steve Mylett, Police Chief. “This is another example of why you don’t come to Bellevue to commit crime; you’re gonna get caught!”

The girls have been charged with robbery, vehicular assault and fraud in Bellevue. They also face charges of first-degree robbery, carjacking and criminal conspiracy in Spokane, with pending charges from Seattle.