Three Arrested After A String Of Car Prowlings

SPOKANE — Three juveniles have been arrested in North Spokane accused of 20 car prowlings.

It started when a man confronted three suspects early Sunday morning near Cleveland and Rebecca.

Spokane Police Corporal John Strickland says a gun was pulled and police were called.

“After the initial confrontation the guys actually pull out a handgun, they turned to flee and the husband chases them,” said Strickland.

Corporal John Strickland says despite the dangerous situation, one neighbor followed the teens on foot.

“I understand, I am also a citizen. Somebody is your car and you’ve worked hard for that car you want to get them,” said Strickland.

Corporal Strickland says it’s safer for citizens for call police and not take matters into their own hands.

All three teens were arrested. One of the suspects may face additional charges for pointing the handgun at a neighbor.

Anyone in the area of Cleveland and Rebecca and victim of this weekend’s car prowling is asked to call police.