‘This is really dangerous’: Firefighters battle extreme heat on top of flames

south hill house fire
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Firefighters have no choice but to deal with the heat.

They already face extreme conditions when battling fires, but the heatwave has been putting even more strain on their bodies.

No one was inside a Spokane Valley home when a fire ignited Wednesday morning, but fire crews from Spokane Valley and District 8 still had a challenge on their hands, dealing with the temperatures, the fire and all of that gear.

“This is really dangerous. It’s dangerous for our crews. We are actually not training at this time because of the triple digit temepartures, so that we can be as healthy as possible in this heat to call on incidents,” said Public Information Officer Julie Happy.

After putting out the flames, firefighters hosed themselves off and found spots in the shade in an attempt to find some relief.

At last check, firefighters were still investigating what started the house fire. Most of the damage was in the attic and a cat was rescued.

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