Thieves Steal Four Classic Cars, Go For Joyrides

SPOKANE — A bold overnight heist and several classic cars are taken.  A vintage car dealer has his prized possessions back, but not after thieves broke into his Spokane business and tried to go on a joyride.

The cars were dumped at four different locations downtown.

An alleyway is where the car thieves broke into a back window. They jumped into four classic cars and hit the road, but didn’t seem to get very far.

“I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning with a big shock that they broke in,” says Don Rohrer of Rohrer’s Select Cars, “and I get down there, and there’s four cars they took.”

Six years at the location on W. 2nd Avenue, and Rohrer’s Select Cars has never seen classics stolen from its showroom. Four cars were driven out on what appears to be a late night joyride. Police were tipped off by a 911 caller who noticed the brazen heist.

“On the back side, a window had been broken and people were driving cars out of the business,” says Spokane Police Cpl. Jon Strickland.

Rohrer arrived Saturday morning to find a 1967 Camaro dumped in his alleyway with a flat tire, stuck in gear.  Police later discovered a red mustang in Peaceful Valley, a 1972 Buick parked at Sprague and Howard, and a 1965 Chevelle near Madison and 1st. Together these cars are worth almost $90,000

Some cars show scars of the ride. Tire marks in the showroom are a sign the drivers were obviously in a hurry.  But what police are really interested in are fingerprints that may have been left behind.

“We have no one in custody,” Strickland says.  “The owner has no suspects in mind at this time.”

As for the family-run business, they’re just happy to have these cars back again. After all, Rohrer understands the love for the classic.

“I buy ’em because I like ’em,” he says.  “If someone wants to buy them, they’ve got to pay for them.”

Rohrer says the fact that some cars were low on gas might have made it hard for the drivers to get far.  Now the business has plans to installing surveillance cameras and beefing up security.