The Unbreakable Akon Aleu

The Unbreakable Akon Aleu

When playing sports resistance is simple, it’s the other team trying to slow you down. The resistance that Rogers Senior Akon Aleu knows, is much deeper than what we find in sports.

Thirteen years ago Aleu and her family were forced out of their home in Sudan during their second Civil War. Their family made their way to Spokane as refugee’s and she’s made the most of her new life.

Aleu’s brother wouldn’t join them in Spokane until he was 12 years old, he was forced to stay in Sudan and fight as a child soldier.

Aleu picked up sports in middle school and excelled immediately, already being named all GSL in Volleyball, and she’s the Pirates leading scorer in Basketball.

Aleu is headed to college next year where she looks to continue her Volleyball career and continue to live an amazing life.