When will omicron peak? Washington researcher provides some hope

SPOKANE, Wash. — With the omicron variant infecting more and more people daily, many wonder when case numbers will die down.

Research suggests January 19 is the date national case numbers should begin to drop, marking the beginning of the end for omicron. However, Washington was hit with the variant later than most, meaning local numbers will deplete closer to Jan. 28.

Data analysts believe the cases should go down as fast as they went up. Countries that initially encountered omicron hit their peak, like South Africa and England, which have declining daily cases and hospitalizations.

Ali Mokdad, a researcher at UW, suggests we will hit our peak very soon and can expect relief in the coming weeks.

“Normality will be sometime in April when the cases will be very low,” said Mokdad. “Spring breaks will happen, people will travel around, around Spring we’ll be in a much better position.”

A projected 50 percent of Americans have been infected within the last three months. That means herd immunity is a big factor in the decline. Around 90 percent of omicron infections were asymptomatic, meaning many already and the virus and never even knew it.

Mokdad also advises upgrading your mask, especially in the workplace. The usual cloth mask is not as resistant to omicron as it was to previous variants.

Mokdad said COVID is the new normal.

“I, personally, am going to get on a plane and go to Florida because I want some sun.”

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