The Great Gas and Grocery Giveaway kicks off with extremely cheap gas

The Great Gas and Grocery Giveaway kicks off with extremely cheap gas

According to, Spokane has the lowest national average price for a gallon of gas at $1.75, but on Thursday, some lucky drivers got fuel for even cheaper.

KXLY 4’s Great Gas and Grocery Giveaway is back with new sponsors: Spoko Fuel, where they gave away gas for $1.49 on Thursday to kick off the event.

People showed up to the Airway Heights location in droves for the cheap gas on Thursday morning. Spoko Fuel didn’t just offer a great deal on regular unleaded, but on diesel as well.

The gas pumps saw action from customers all morning long.

“A buck forty-nine… that is probably the cheapest you can find anywhere” said customer Bobby Dematteo. “Back home it is like $1.80 right now, so it’s pretty good.”

Dematteo is visiting Spokane from the east coast.

“Seen it on TV this morning,” Dematteo said. “We were at the hotel, at the casino, and were talking about the prices of gas, and we got to fuel up this rental car before we turn it back in to fly back out, and said ‘lets go get some gas.'”

KXLY 4 viewer Jonathan Fox also found out about the deal by watching Good Morning Northwest.

“We were watching the news at work this morning, wanting to see what was going on with the weather and everything like that, and we happened to see the gas here at Spoko was only a $1.49 per gallon,” said Fox.

When Fox saw the cheap price, he got curious.

“I was doing a little research online to see what the gas prices were here in Spokane versus the rest of the country, and low and behold, the website I looked at said Spokane had the cheapest gas in the country this morning,” said Fox.

“That’s a big shock, especially for Washington, because we have a high tax rate,” said Luann Stephenson, who also got in on the great gas deal.

Stephenson wasn’t on empty, but still took advantage of this amazing deal.

“I only had to fill up a half a tank, but hey, you know, $14 is better than $50,” said Stephenson.

Spoko Fuel is keeping the deal alive until midnight Thursday night.

If you miss the deal entirely, make sure to watch KXLY 4 every day to win the Great Gas and Grocery Giveaway. It’s just another way KXLY 4 is Working 4 You.