The Daily Rundown For March 26th

One more day until Gonzaga plays and the weekend begins.

  A couple months ago a string of burglaries on Spokane’s south hill had many people on edge.  Tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 5, where police have recovered some of the stolen items.  Plus how a Spokane family was reunited with their dog Sugar, nine months after t vanished, and why another family is heartbroken.  Plus making dinner time with the family a priority, and a new motivational tool for losing weight that you can let your friends in on.  Be sure to check out the News @ 5 chatroom on KXLY.COM

Coming up tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00, Spokane Mayor Mary Verner announces what the city may have to cut in order to keep the budget balanced. That could include fire and police positions. Plus- could black cars soon be banned for environmental reasons? And Dennis Patchin and Keith Osso in Memphis as the Zags get ready for the Sweet 16. Be sure to tune in tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00.