The Daily Rundown For March 19th

March madness is underway!  How much work did you get done today?

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are taking on the Akron Zips.  Do you know what a Zip is? Apparently it’s some sort of Kangaroo.  Coming up tonight on KXLY4 HD News @ 5, two Zips that live in Spokane and are surely pulling for the Zags.  Yeah, there are Wallaroos living in Spokane and we’re going to show them to you!  Plus and underwater volcano that’s putting on a spectacular show and the huge event going on out at the fairgrounds this weekend.

Coming up tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00, live coverage from Portland, as the Zags will speak to the media following their game. We will carry the post-game news conference. Plus- why did a Spokane jury acquit a Spokane police officer in an off-duty shooting? Tonight, you’ll find out. And the car that flies, and how much it’ll cost you. Its not as expensive as you might think. Join us tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00.