The Daily Rundown For April 14th

Spokane’s war on ground squirrels is gaining national attention.  Coming up tonight on KXLY4 HD News @ 5, we’ll show you the battle between park department crews and the squirrels at Finch Arboretum.  Plus what Russian doctors say they found inside a man’s lung, when they operated for cancer, why some postal carriers are carrying clubs and the Seattle home complete with garden and yard, on the steep roof.

Coming up tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00, your chance to Sound Off on detonating those ground squirrels in Spokane. Plus- is Spokane really getting its fair share of state transportation funding? The answer might surprise you. And the reason you shouldn’t be so upset about the April snow many people saw today. Join us tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00.