The Daily Rundown For April 13th

   The Spokane parks department has declared war on ground squirrels at Finch Arboretum.  Tonight at 5, we’ll show why neighbors are being warned, and what crews are using to kill the ground squirrels.  Plus what happened when a German lady jumped over the polar bear fence at a zoo and the dog that ate more than it bargained for. 

  Coming up tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00, the drive-thru ban that could be coming to an Inland Northwest city. Who says restaurants, banks, and coffee stands shouldn’t be allowed to build new drive-thru’s. Plus, Assignment Iraq, the KXLY4 reporter who will be embedded in Iraq. And- forget plastic water bottles, the new design that could leave water bottle fans a little more environmentally friendly. Join us tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00.