The Daily Rundown For April 10th

It’s Friday, Happy Easter Weekend.

  We’re sure you’ve noticed gas prices are once again on the rise, but Triple-A says gas supplies are at a 16 year high so why the pain at the pump? Coming up tonight at 5, what Annie Bishop found we she went in search of some answers.  Plus Washington state says it has 600 million dollars worth of unclaimed property, we’ll show you how to find out if some of it belongs to you, and what President Obama is having for dinner tonight.

  Tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00, pirates are still holding that American cargo ship captain hostage, despite a daring escape attempt today. How would you survive a situation like this? The training in Spokane that could teach you to save yourself in any kind of hostage situation. Plus- how weatherizing your home for next winter just became cheaper. And why a dog’s name is all to appropriate for what he did. Join us tonight on KXLY4 HD News at 6:00.