The City needs your help shaping the future of downtown Spokane

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Do you ever wonder what downtown Spokane will look like in the future? It turns out, you could have a role in shaping it.

The City of Spokane hosted an open house on Wednesday to get feedback on what projects and ideas residents have for the future of downtown.

“This is our second workshop we’re presenting an initial list of goals, strategies, a vision and some concepts to get feedback from the public,” said Jeff Arango, director of planning.

The last 10-year plan was adopted in 2009 and included projects like the Riverfront Park renovation.

A finalized plan will go to the City’s Planning Commission, then to the City Council for a vote this spring.

If you missed the workshop, but still want to leave input, you have until February 15 to take a survey online.