The Black Diamond issued public safety violation for reopening, defying state order

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — The Liquor and Cannabis Board issued a violation to the Black Diamond for violating the state’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

This was the Black Diamond’s first public safety violation. As a penalty, they were forced to either pay a fine, accept a five-day suspension, request a settlement or contest the violation in a formal hearing.

According to a post on the bar’s Facebook page, the owners decided to pay the $500 fine.

“We chose to accept this ticket in order to let our amazing customers enjoy their right to go out and socialize with friends and family,” the Black Diamond team said in the post.

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LCB enforcement officers visited the bar on Wednesday and said it was open and full of people. Officers also visited the Iron Horse, another restaurant that flaunted being open despite the order, but it was closed at the time.

Businesses found in violation of the state order can face various penalties. The first violation results in a fine or short suspension. Subsequent violations can result in even longer suspensions.

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Under the stay home order, Governor Jay Inslee said licenses can also be revoked or business owners could face criminal charges.

Spokane County is looking to enter phase 2 of the state’s reopening within just a few days. Once phase 2 is in full swing, restaurants can open at 50 percent capacity.

It is not clear when Spokane County will enter phase 2, but the Black Diamond team said they intend to be back open on Friday.

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