Temperatures drop over 15° this weekend – Matt

SPOKANE, Wash.– It’s a sure sign that fall is right around the corner: the coolest weekend we’ve had since the 4th of July! It won’t exactly be swimming weather, but any other outdoor activities should be incredibly comfortable to undertake over the next couple of days.

Temperatures will start out in the 50s and 60s on Saturday with partly to mostly cloudy skies. It’s going to stay windy overnight all the way into Saturday evening before things calm down. Wind gusts in the Columbia Basin and Palouse will hit 25 to 35 mph. You’ll feel it!

Dp Saturday

Along with the winds will be a few showers around lunchtime and in the early afternoon. Rain is most likely to develop in Pend Oreille, Boundary, and Bonner counties before tracking off into Western Montana. We could see showers as far west as the Okanogan Highlands however. Rain chances in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene are still pretty low, but it’s worth taking a check of the radar if you’ve got lunch plans outside anyway.

Rain Chance Polygons

Temperatures in the afternoon will not be warm at all. Highs will top out in the low to mid 70s! The hottest weather you’ll see this weekend are temperatures around 80° in the Lower Columbia Basin and L-C Valley. Average highs at this point in the year are in the low to mid 80s so this is actually cooler than average weather for a change.

Sunday is cool again but with more sunshine and less wind or showers. Another heat wave is coming next week which will push temperatures into the upper 90s to end the month of August.

4 Weekend