Teenagers Suspected Of Stealing Guns

SPOKANE — On the first day of school, four Spokane teenagers are accused of stealing seven guns from a neighbor’s house.

A 14 year old is locked up at the Juvenile Detention Center for allegedly breaking into a house across the street. A neighbor called police after seeing the boy and his friends walking away with, what they later learned was shotgun stuffed down their pantlegs.

Spokane Police blocked Monroe Street for almost two hours Tuesday during a stand off with a couple young teen age boys.

When no one answered the door or phone for police, they surrounded house. An hour later a 14-year-old boy came out.

“It’s been a ongoing problem for quite a while,” neighbor Darrell McDowell said.

McDowell called police around 4:30 after his wife saw the teenager and some friends.

“My wife and daughter were out here and they saw the kids coming over the fence, and they were walking with sticks in their pants,” McDowell said.

Not sticks, but likely guns. Spokane Police searched the boy’s house in the 1100 block of West Nebraska and found a backpack full of ammunition and four stolen handguns in his bedroom, a shotgun in the alley behind his house, and two more long guns in the house where he was arrested on North Monroe.

Police are still investigating what he intended to do with them.

“At this point no idea, but anytime guns are taken from a burglary you can use your imagination as to what bad things can happen with that,” Spokane Police Officer Brian Eckersley said.

Four teenagers were detained, but only one was arrested on burglary charges.