Teenagers steal Post Falls pizza delivery man’s car

Teenagers steal Post Falls pizza delivery man’s car

Post Falls Domino’s delivery driver Jeff Decker says his delivery route on Thursday night started out like any other.

“It wasn’t really anything unusual about it. It was just a large order,” said Decker.

On his delivery at 11:35p.m., he couldn’t find the correct address of the home and that’s when he saw three teenagers walking down Corbin Road, two boys and one girl, directing him to deliver the pizzas to a green house.

“I didn’t think anything of it and then one of them came up to me and said ‘oh yeah it’s just this house behind me, go around back, it’s a party.’ So, I back up and get out of car. My hands are full. It’s a huge order. I go up to the gate,” Decker said.

He left his car running and then he says the teenagers stole his car within minutes.

“Then I hear my tires squealing. The kids got in and took off,” said Decker. “It happened that fast. There wasn’t anything that I would ever expect to happen around here.”

And he says it was planned.

“They gave me a fake address and the house they directed me to didn’t know anything about. She didn’t order any food! It was intentional, whether they were looking for a vehicle to get somewhere or a vehicle to trade for drugs or something,” Decker said.

He couldn’t even call for help: Decker’s brand new cell phone that he got as a Christmas gift was inside the stolen car.

The woman living inside the green home called the police and gave him a warm coat to wear out in the freezing temperatures. He filed a police report and is still hoping to get his car back.

“That was our main family car. It’s devastating for our family,” Decker said.

If you see Decker’s 2009 Gray Toyota Corolla with a spoiler on the back and license plate number K7979, call authorities immediately.
Remember to never leave your car running if it is unattended.