Teen & Kid Closet, 4 News Now anchor Robyn Nance honored with congressional award

Good Morning Northwest anchor Robyn Nance will be off the desk for a few days. Nance, along with her partners at Teen & Kid Closet, are heading to Washington D.C. to accept a congressional award for their work clothing local children in need.

4 News Now reporter Nikki Torres got to sit down with Nance before her trip out east.

Q. Why are you heading to Washington D.C.?

A. I have the honor of going to DC with a few other representatives of my non-profit, Teen & Kid Closet. The organization is being recognized by a congressional coalition.

Q. What kind of award are you receiving?

A. The award is called Angels in Adoption. It is presented by CCAI (the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Issues). It honors individuals whose contributions in the fields of adoption or foster care have an impact on a national scale.

People from all 50 stated and Washington DC will receive awards.

Q. Why are you receiving this award?

A. Teen & Kid Closet has clothed children in foster and kinship care for 12 years. We have supported thousands of families.

This honor recognizes the impact we’ve made serving these young people.

Q. How were you nominated?

A. Every member of congress is encouraged to nominate someone from their district. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers nominated Teen & Kid Closet.

She came to visit our location and learned about our mission. It means so much to us that she gets it. She understands the value of TKC for this special community.

Q. What is the mission of Teen and Kid Closet?

A. TKC believes that every child is important and should feel that way. Teen & Kid Closet caters to children and youth in need, providing them with fashionable, good quality clothing and accessories for free. We give them choices when so often, they have none.

Q. What are your goals for the organization moving forward?

A. In recent years, we expanded our base. We not only serve children in foster care, we now also serve those in poverty in all of Eastern WA and North ID. Our immediate goal is to serve as many children and youth who need us and to get more businesses and people in the community to partner with us.

Q: What is it like being able to provide clothes to a child who comes into TKC?

A: Some kids have never owned anything with tags. Never owned a new item. This is not just a clothing bank. This is a place where kids can come and pick out some really great, quality clothes that’ll just let them feel like they fit in and just like everybody else.

Q: Looking back at the last twelve years of TKC, are you surprised it’s become what it is now?

A: When we started, it was such a Rinky Dink thing. This is our third move. We started so tiny and couldn’t imagine like the next year down the road, or the next two years.

Want to join a congressional award winner? We’d love it! Get more information here.

Teen & Kid Closet, 4 News Now anchor Robyn Nance honored with congressional award