Taylor Swift drops ‘Lover’ video ahead of album launch

Taylor Swift has offered a bit of love to all the fans who are eagerly awaiting Friday’s release of her seventh album: A video for its title track, “Lover.”

Set in a whimsy color-coded setting inside a child’s snow globe, the video depicts a world of cohabitation and some of the ups and downs that can go with it. Backup dancer Christian Owens plays her paramour and the two are seen handling everything from jealousy to corny jokes.

Like most everything the pop star does, this video will surely cause many an Internet debate among her followers as to potential Easter eggs. (The song was release last week, causing some to wonder if the lyrics were a discussion of a future with boyfriend Joe Alwyn).

Swift is also performing Monday at MTV’s annual Video Music Awards ceremony, where she is tied with Ariana Grande for the most nominations of the year.