Taking care of our pets through the heat & agricultural consequences in our region

SPOKANE, Wash. – With a historic heatwave ahead of us, there’s a lot to plan for, one thing we don’t want to overlook while gearing up is our pets, especially because for them, the heat is even more unbearable.

Most of us are dreading the triple-digit temps in the week ahead, but as you’re checking off that to-do list – water, fans, and AC, if that’s an option – take a moment to account for your pet’s wellbeing too. For the animal, heat affects them even more than it does us the majority of the time.

Something else to consider: if your pets are outdoors, shade is crucial, but with the temps, we’ll be seeing, that’s likely not enough. Do all you can to keep them indoors.

If you’re headed out for a walk (in the early mornings or evenings), check the pavement by holding the back of your hand on it for 60 seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them.

“Watching for signs of heatstroke. If they’re panting, not bringing correctly, throwing up, etc,” said Audrey Hokansen, Office Manager at Spokane Humane Society

Another problem with this heatwave is overnight temperatures. Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist, said that when the nights stay warm, people can’t relieve the thermal stresses they built up through the day.

“Not just the extreme temperatures, but how long the extreme temperatures are going to last, particularly on the east side of the cascades,” Bond said.

You’ll want to do all you can to keep the night cool for yourself and your pet, too.

Shades, fans and plenty of water will be the key for the days ahead. Stay safe!