‘Take in the views’: Lookout Pass doubling in size, adding new trails

WALLACE, Idaho — Big changes are underway at Lookout Pass.

Some may not want to hear it, but winter is coming, and skiers will soon be gliding on gleaming white snow.

This year, something new is on the horizon as Lookout expands “the skiing opportunity in Idaho which helps put Idaho more on the map.”

Bulldozers are digging the next chapter at the pass.

“It has been a long road, and we’re really happy for it,” Matthew Sawyer said. He leads marketing for Lookout and says this has been in the works for almost 10 years.

The team is adding 500 acres to their turf and 14 new trails.

“This brings in a whole new set of opportunities for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers to really enjoy a different experience at Lookout,” he added.

Looking out from the top of the new addition is incredible.

“I think it’ll be an awesome opportunity to take in the views,” Sawyer said as he looks out with a beaming smile on his face.

On a clear day, you can see miles of mountains and the natural beauty of three states.

Eagles Peak is 6,000 feet above sea level and is now the highest point at Lookout Pass. Crews are putting finishing touches on a new four-person ski lift which is almost ready for the winter.

“I think the key here is, higher elevation means better snow,” he said.

Snow will soon line all the trails, with over 1,600 feet of vertical and views you can’t beat. This dream will come to life at Lookout mid-December and will bring new life to North Idaho.

“The Silver Valley itself is going to benefit from more lodging nights, more meals served. We are not an overnight destination ourselves, so all the skiers that come up to lookout are going to stay in the Silver Valley,” Sawyer concluded.

Now, there’s even more to do this winter in the Inland Northwest.