New law requires Idaho public libraries to filter out porn

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Public libraries will have to filter access on their internet services so that obscene and pornographic material can't be accessed.Republican Gov. Brad Little signed into law late last week legislation intended to prevent minors from using personal laptops, tablets, smartphones or other devices to access pornographic sites.The law amends a previous law that only dealt with publicly accessible computers.

Idaho governor OKs new wording involving child abuse victims

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Legislation to clarify and broaden the definition of abuse involving child victims sustaining head injuries has been signed into law by Republican Gov. Brad Little.Little late last month signed the legislation proposed by the Idaho Nurses Association.The change removes the term "subdural hematoma" to determine abuse and replaces it with head and brain injuries.A subdural hematoma is defined as blood collecting outside the brain.

Legislation may allow interstate transport of hemp in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Legislation that will allow the interstate transport of hemp and a hemp-derived extract called CBD through Idaho - where it's illegal - has been introduced.The House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday introduced the bill that would allow the director of the Idaho State Police to issue permits for the interstate transport of hemp and CBD.

Idaho Senate OKs bill to add Medicaid work requirements

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The Senate has approved legislation adding work requirements to Idaho's voter-approved Medicaid expansion law.The Senate voted 20-15 Tuesday to send to the House the legislation that's similar to a House bill a Senate committee killed last week.The key difference is that the Senate version doesn't kick people off Medicaid as the House bill did if they don't fulfill the work requirements.

House panel introduces new ballot initiative legislation

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A House committee has introduced new legislation altering an existing ballot initiative bill that critics say makes the process so difficult that it violates Idaho's Constitution.The House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday sent to the full House the legislation that, compared to the current bill, increases how long signature gathers have and reduces the number of legislative districts where signatures must be collected.

Bill allowing Idaho needle exchange programs signed into law

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Legislation intended to lower the risk of people being inadvertently jabbed with discarded used medical needles has been signed into law by Idaho Gov. Brad Little.Little late last week signed the legislation allowing groups to start a syringe and needle exchange program in Idaho.

Key Idaho water legislation heads to governor

Legislation that supporters say is critical to preserving a historic water agreement between two sets of water users and is intended to prevent declines in a giant Idaho aquifer relied on by farmers and cities is heading to the governor.