Mariners' Paxton pitches no-hitter

James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners pitched a no-hitter in Toronto Tuesday night, shutting down the Blue Jays 5-0, The Associated Press reported.

Officials: 9 people dead in Toronto van attack

Ten people are dead and 15 are injured after the driver of a van plowed into multiple pedestrians in Toronto on Monday in what appears to be a deliberate act, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said.

Suspected Toronto serial killer charged with 8th murder

Suspected Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur was charged with an eighth count of murder after police identified a Sri Lankan man whose dismembered body was found in a potted plant connected to McArthur, Toronto Police Detective Sgt. Hank Idsinga said Monday.

Toronto is having a big tech moment

After promising to search North America for the perfect home for its next headquarters, Amazon has narrowed its list to 20 cities — 19 of which are in the United States. The one exception? Toronto.