Elizabeth Warren unveils a plan to tax big corporations

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proposing a new tax on big corporations, bolstering the Massachusetts Democratic senator's progressive campaign against the powerful and wealthy ahead of the 2020 election.

Mnuchin: Treasury can't comply with deadline for Trump tax returns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin informed Congress early Wednesday evening that his department would be unable to comply with House Democrats' deadline for President Donald Trump's tax returns, inserting himself into what is sure to be a pitched battle for the closely held documents.

What happens now in fight over Trump's tax returns?

The Trump administration has just days to respond to a request from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal to turn over six years of President Donald Trump's business and personal tax returns.

2020 presidential candidate Jay Inslee releases tax returns

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday became the latest Democratic presidential candidate to release his tax returns , while bashing President Donald Trump for refusing such a disclosure."It's time for him to come clean with the American people," Inslee said on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," adding that he was issuing his challenge on the Republican president's "favorite show," a nod to Trump's habit of watching the network's morning show and often tweeting in response.

Key House Democrat: No timeline on requesting Trump's tax returns

Rep. Richard Neal, the only Democrat on Capitol Hill who can formally request Trump's tax returns using IRS rules, said Tuesday evening that he is not clear on when he will request President Donald Trump's tax returns and that Neal will do it only after his committee has built his case in seeking them.

GOP agenda isn't clear yet should Republicans keep House

If Republicans defy the political odds and hold the House majority in November, it would cement the party's power for another two years and give President Donald Trump unfettered ability to advance his agenda in his first term.

Hatch: Trump 'may have to give up' tax returns

Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch said Wednesday that he would be "happy" to look into allegations in a report from the New York Times that says Trump helped "his parents dodge taxes" in the 1990s, including "instances of outright fraud."

Australia scraps controversial tampon tax

Australia is to scrap a controversial tampon tax bringing an end to an 18-year campaign to make feminine sanitary products exempt from a nationwide Goods and Services Tax (GST).