tariffs and customs

Hasbro hopes to bank on Disney movie toys

Two of Disney's most successful movie franchises are about to hit theaters again, and toymaker Hasbro needs people to buy as many related toys, figurines and games as they can to gain lost ground this holiday season.

Trump throws cold water on China trade deal

President Donald Trump dealt a blow Friday to investors who were hoping the United States and China were inching closer toward a partial trade deal that would roll back billions in tariffs.

Removing tariffs would reduce recession risk

The trade war is doing so much damage to the world economy that the United States and China might just roll back some of their destructive tariffs. That's just what is needed to avoid a recession.

How not to get ripped off at duty free

You have an hour to kill before your flight takes off. You've already had a snack at a snazzy airport restaurant. Maybe you've even considered an express treatment at an airport spa.

US-China trade hopes lift Asian markets higher

China's central bank on Tuesday trimmed a key interest rate for the first time since it was introduced three years ago, a move that could pave the way for more policy action as the country tries to protect its slowing economy.

America's manufacturing is at a slowdown

America's manufacturing industry is in contraction. Business spending is soft. And now the biggest chunk of the economy, the US service sector, is growing at its weakest pace in three years.