Eastbound I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass reopens

Eastbound I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass has reopened following a brief closure caused by spinouts. The Washington Department of Transportation said traction tires are advised. Westbound I-90 is also open, and traction tires are advised as…

Trump at G7: I believe 'China is sincere' on striking trade deal

Donald Trump's G7 summit, which began with trade strife and Iran discord, ended Monday with the President expressing enthusiastic optimism that a deal with China is near and the remarkable prospect he could meet in the coming weeks with his Iranian counterpart.

Kudlow says Trump-Xi meeting likely next month

Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, said Sunday there is a "strong possibility" Trump will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 economic summit in Japan next month and said he expects China to retaliate against the US for its increase last week in tariffs on Chinese goods as Beijing has indicated it would.

Officials say Kim warned his generals ahead of Trump summit

In one of the clearest signs of just how much Kim Jong Un wanted an agreement at what became the failed Hanoi summit in February with President Donald Trump, CNN has learned that the North Korean leader gave specific orders to his generals to not carry out any unplanned activity in the days and weeks leading up the meeting, according to a senior South Korean official and a US defense official.

Abrupt end to Trump-Kim summit prompts sighs of relief

The news that President Donald Trump walked away from negotiations with North Korea early and empty-handed led many experts and lawmakers to heave sighs of relief, even as the summit's abrupt finale raises questions about where things go from here.

Trump believes Kim Jong Un on Otto Warmbier

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he does not hold North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un responsible for Otto Warmbier's death after Kim denied knowledge of the American student's maltreatment.

Trump dines with Kim as world waits on potential deal

President Donald Trump embarked Wednesday on another round of high-stakes nuclear diplomacy with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, a follow-up encounter that officials in the US and across Asia are watching with trepidation as the President works to convert pers

Trump's approval rating on North Korea solid ahead of summit

President Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam Tuesday for a second major summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with nearly half of Americans approving of the way he has been handling relations with the Hermit Kingdom, according to a Fox News poll out last week.

Trump and Kim: An opportunity for peace or high-stakes ego trip?

President Donald Trump jets off to Vietnam next week for his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump seeks to make meaningful progress in denuclearizing North Korea -- a goal no US president has successfully achieved since the North began its

Trump admin weighs softening demands ahead of N. Korea summit

As President Donald Trump prepares to meet face-to-face with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un for a second time, his administration is weighing backing off an earlier demand that North Korea agree during the upcoming summit to make a full accounting of its nuclear and missile programs as a prerequisite for US concessions, multiple administration officials tell CNN.