summer (season)

The emptiest Disneyland on Earth

It was Friday, sunny, and at the end of summer -- all the perfect components for a day at Disneyland. The theme park should have been packed.

USDA will resume honeybee survey suspended this summer

The US Department of Agriculture will resume data collection for its annual Honey Bee Colonies report on October 1 -- the start of a new fiscal year -- after suspending the survey earlier this summer over budget constraints.

Obama shares his summer reading list

The seminal late author Toni Morrison, who died last week at the age of 88, tops former US President Barack Obama's weighty summer reading list.

100 years ago, white mobs attacked blacks across the country

Thelma Shepherd was riding back to her Chicago apartment on July 27, 1919, when her streetcar came under attack. Black and white men hurled rocks at each other and at the passing vehicle. The 19-year-old who had recently left the South for a job in the bustling city didn't know it, but she had witnessed one of the most violent clashes of the "Red Summer."

Can 'Spider-Man' save the slumping summer box office?

"Spider-Man: Far From Home," is projected to make $125 million at the North American box office over its six day holiday opening, according to Sony, which co-produced the superhero film with Marvel Studios.If that windfall materializes, it would be good…