NYC subway station reopens for the first time since 9/11

It may not be clean and shiny for long, but the brand new Cortlandt Street subway station is a thing of beauty. In gleaming chrome and white marble, the station reopened Saturday afternoon after being closed since the Twin Towers collapsed on top of it on Sept. 11, 2001.

Local sandwich artist places 2nd in sandwich making competition

Accuracy, perfection and speed. That's what it takes to win Subway's annual Global Sub Jammers competition. This year, Sandwich Artist Sara Teigs, of Pullman, received second place in the competition, keeping her one of the fastest Sandwich Artists in the world. 

Davenport's "Subway Club" discuses Angel Springs Fire

The smell of smoke and haze was undeniable in downtown Davenport Monday morning as the public eagerly awaited for more information on the nearby Angel Springs Fire. With all that uncertainty - one thing you could count on was the weekday 9 a.m. meeting at Subway.

Holidays in New York: How safe is the subway?

Days after a man set off a homemade explosive in the heart of the nation's largest subway system, Mark Murphy sat reading on a New York A train and -- like others around him -- displaying no obvious worry.