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Spotlight Spokane: Summer Splash Pads

School's out, it's downright hot outside and the city splash pads are open for the season—are you thinking what we're thinking? In this week's Spotlight Spokane, we stopped by a handful of splash pads and soaked up the sun.

Splash pads are now open in the City of Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash -- As of Friday, some of Spokane’s splash pads are open for business. Splash pads in Audubon, Merkel, Friendship, Pacific and Riverfront parks are now open, and the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation said that more are…

Riverfront Park's Rotary Fountain reopens Friday

SPOKANE, Wash. -- If you are looking for something to do with your little ones, look no further than Riverfront Park.  The Rotary Fountain, which makes for a great place to cool off on hot days, has reopened for the…