Massive Idaho tax cut, education bill heads to House

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A massive tax cut and education spending bill made possible by the state’s projected $2 billion budget surplus is moving at lightning speed through the Legislature and headed to the full House on Thursday. The House…

NATO: Only 7 members are meeting defense spending targets

Despite many European countries boosting their defense budgets, only seven of the 29 NATO allies are currently reaching the recommended spending target of 2 percent of gross domestic product, according to NATO's annual report, which was published Thursday.

Hill negotiators reach deal to keep government funded through Dec. 7

House and Senate negotiators reached bipartisan agreement on a package of spending bills, as well as a continuing resolution to fund the remainder of the government through December 7 and forestall a potential government shutdown battle, aides in both chambers told CNN on Thursday.

Why Trump and Congress are talking about scrapping lawmakers' August break

Senate Republican leaders are facing mounting pressure from President Donald Trump and a vocal group of rank-and-file senators to pass a series of spending bills ahead of their summer break and avoid a year-end messy fight to keep the government open, like the ones that have plagued Congress in the past.

Avoid Mother's Day scams

According to the Better Business Bureau, Mother's Day shopping is expected to reach a near-record high this year as consumers are predicted to spend $23.1 billion on gifts. The BBB is warning consumers to beware of scams centered around this spending influx.

White House furious stories about HUD, Secretary Ben Carson

Senior White House aides are furious about a series of negative stories about frivolous spending at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and have taken a more hands-on role in trying to stem the tide of negative news, sources with knowledge of the situation tell CNN.

Here's what's in the budget deal

Senate leaders unveiled a two-year budget deal Wednesday, which would boost military and non-defense spending by $300 billion over the next two years, as well as more than $80 billion in disaster relief.

EPA inspector general to investigate spending on Pruitt's security

The Environmental Protection Agency inspector general will look into agency spending in connection with EPA enforcement agents being used on Administrator Scott Pruitt's security detail, according to a letter sent to Rep. Peter DeFazio, the top Democrat on the House Transportation Committee.