Very cold start and snowy finish for Tuesday - Mark

A very cold start with increasing clouds and possible light snow on the drive home. Heavier snowfall tonight through Wednesday. A Weather Alert Day for 4-8 inches of snow and then tapering off Thursday. Cloudy and cold all weekend.

Hot weather for start of school and work - Mark

Sunny and very warm today and Wednesday. More smoke and haze Wednesday with a Fire Weather Warning due to heat and gusty winds. Cooler and calmer to end the week. Warming again for the Weekend.

New Spokane middle schools to welcome sixth and seventh graders

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Pauline Pascal Flett Middle School and Denny Yasuhara Middle School are two of three new middle schools joining Spokane Public Schools. Both are welcoming sixth and seventh graders while this year’s eighth graders will stay at their…