Trump says all sanctions on Turkey have been lifted

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he was lifting all sanctions on Turkey after it agreed to halt its attack on America's former Kurdish allies in northeastern Syria, shortly after his special envoy to Syria told Congress Turkey's incursion was a "tragedy" and that A

Sources: EU may be slow to sanction Iran deal violations

As the Trump administration continues its hardline approach on Iran, the European Union -- in a bid to preserve the Iran nuclear deal -- is reluctant to impose sanctions for potential violations of that deal, two diplomatic sources told CNN.

China not happy with US oil sanctions

China is pushing back against the United States' decision to broaden its crackdown on Iranian oil exports, deepening the uncertainty in the global oil market.

Trump: Sanctions on North Korea at 'fair level'

In an Oval Office meeting with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in, President Donald Trump said Thursday that he wants sanctions on North Korea to remain in place but doesn't want to increase them.

Trump withdraws new North Korea sanctions

President Donald Trump triggered rampant confusion among his own aides and administration officials when he said Friday he is withdrawing new sanctions aimed at North Korea that were just issued by his own administration.

US slaps sanctions on 2 Chinese firms doing business with North Korea

The Trump administration on Thursday issued its first set of sanctions aimed at North Korea since the failed summit last month between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, going after two Chinese shipping companies that have helped Pyongyang evade restrictions imposed by the US and United Nations Security Council.

Tensions mount in Venezuela as Guaidó seeks return to country

The four men in green walk calmly down the street, to gentle clapping from the people around them. They appear to be defectors, shown on a video posted to social media from Wednesday in the town of Herran, Colombia. While CNN has not been able to verify the video, the scene is now a common one in Colombia, from a steady drip of Venezuelan soldiers that have given themselves over to Colombian immigration officials over the past week. As of Thursday, an astounding total of 567 had defected.

Pompeo says more sanctions on Venezuela to come

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States would take further action to pressure embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after several people were killed in clashes with the country's military blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country.

Iranians paying for US sanctions with their health

Ali only had two hours to save his baby's life. He careened through traffic and sped along highways to an east Tehran government pharmacy. When he saw some 800 people queued outside the facility, he dropped to his knees. Like him, they were waiting to obtain state-funded medications.

Russia bristles as fresh US sanctions loom

Two years ago, Russian legislators celebrated with champagne on the floor of parliament, after Donald Trump emerged victorious in the US presidential elections. Now, they're likely feeling the hangover, as early hopes for a better relationship between Moscow and Washington grow dim.

Tough talk, despair divide Tehran's streets as sanctions strike

A sea of protesters gathers outside the former US embassy in Iran. Hardline supporters of Iran's government, bused into the center of Tehran for the yearly rally, are marching past wall-sized graffiti of a skull-faced Statue of Liberty while chanting "down with the USA."

Released pastor Brunson returns to US, meets with Trump

American pastor Andrew Brunson thanked President Trump for the administration's work to free him from a Turkish prison during an Oval Office news conference Saturday afternoon, a few hours after he arrived at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, DC.